A downloadable 12 Years a Student for Windows and macOS

12 Years a Student places the you in the shoes of an average high school student as they slog through a week of homework. Maintaining their relationship with friends, family, and academics becomes a chaotic balancing act as the difficulty ramps up. 

You, the player, must finish your homework each day before the clock hits 12:00. However, you must also make sure to carefully manage your stress by getting enough sleep every night and spending time with your friends. Make sure to keep your room tidy as well, you wouldn't want to receive a dressing-down should your mom come for an unexpected visit.

To complete the English homework, copy the words. To answer the math problem, type in the correct answer.

The constant need to juggle many tasks at once makes 12 Year's simple mechanics into a surprisingly difficult and insanely addictive challenge. Do you have what it takes to get through one week of high school?

12 Years a Student was made in 1.5 weeks by Grant Chang, Will Ozeas, Dylon Shiao, and Sakshi Shrivastava at COSMOS UCSC 2018.


12 Years a Student 1.0.10.app.zip 63 MB
12 Years a Student Game.zip 61 MB

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